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T-Mobile has Issues.

On November 1st I opened an account with them. I had a few problems with the phone and a few of the features. So I called the m and spent a little over an hour trying to get them solved. A few of my problems were taken care of, and a few were not.
On November 3rd, I called again having a question concerning my bill. Apparently I was being charged for  registering my account online.You know billing info and such. Account management. I was transfered to a supervisor, David. So, he asked me what was going on, And I told him aboutthe issue and also about the poor service I have recieved. He talked to me a moment offering no real help. His only solution for me was to go back to the store and start over.
I did not like this idea, so I asked if there was someone else I could speak to, and possibly get a little Satisfaction. He asked me to hold for a second, I agreed.
You know, there is an unmistakeable sound to a phone being hung up, and that was the last sound I heard, right before he cancled my account. Now, had I been rude to this man, cussing at him or mistreeting him in some way, I would understand his actions. But most of you know me and you know I would not do anything like that.(or I hope you know that.)
but, there is more to this story, I called back and spoke to another gentleman, this person, whose name I did not get, apologized profusely and tryed his best to get all the information he could before sending me up the chain. He did a good job. Once he felt he had all the information, he called in his supervisor. She got on the line with me and said, I am paraphrasing, You are in the wrong department, I am transferring you to someone else. And did so, without waiting for me to respond.
The person I was tranfered to once again did a great job, she calmed me down and turned the phone back on, and gave me a whole 50 bonus minutes for this month (it is not much, but she was the first person to offer to do anything for me). She then told me to take this issue to the store and complain there, that I had spoken to everyone in customer CARE that I could.
So long story short...
Pardon the bad grammer and everything, but it was written quickly and I had to get it out of the way. Besides this was the inspiration for this site.

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